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    24 million Americans have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Individuals with COPD are at risk of making multiple costly, stressful trips to the hospital.

    Research shows that many of these rehospitalizations are potentially preventable through the use of proactive, team-based care coordination programs.

    Assure is one of the few home care providers equipped with the expertise and passion for working with patients, families, and physicians for reducing the likelihood of hospital readmissions for individuals with COPD.

    Our @HomeCore Solutions ™ Disease Management Clinical Pathways for COPD uses clinically proven methods to educate people with COPD and their families on the key aspects of the condition, how to monitor symptoms, properly use inhalers, improve wellness, and stay as healthy as possible.

    • Assure's RN, CNAs & HHAs COPD visit

      LEARN and LISTEN
      We learn and listen to the client’s and family’s concerns

      Gauge how well the individual and their family are coping with the diagnosis, oxygen therapy (Motivational Interviewing)

      Perform a focused physical assessment to evaluate respiratory status and oxygenation

      GO OVER
      Physician orders, correct inhaler technique, appointment date and things to bring, and Plan of Care with Client and Family

      Client’s vital signs/pulse oximetry, home safety, and food, medication, and equipment supplies
      Daily living activities, use of incentive spirometer, oxygen safety
      Provides a comprehensive patient educational overview on the disease process (Teach Back Mythology)
      Think of this as the story of the condition that the individual, caregiver, physician, and family can reference to track progress
      Informative, illustrated packet provides useful information on how to stay healthy (Zone Management Tool)

    • While there is no cure for COPD

      There is effective, treatment as well as lifestyle measures that can help to improve the quality of life.

      In addition to taking prescribed medication, this includes:
      √ Exercise
      √ Reducing Sodium Intake
      √ Managing stress and depression
      √ Weight Reduction
      √ Quitting Smoking and AlcoholConsumptionn

    • Exclusive @HomeCore Solution™ Zone Management Resources for COPD Patients and their Families

      Easy-to-read reference card helps monitor symptoms:

      Green = Breathing Normally… I am doing well

      Yellow = Change Breathing … I should notify an  AHHC Case Manager (Call Me First Program)
      Red = Labored Under Distressed… Time to call 911.

    Supported Diagnoses


      Nearly 20 million Americans live with diabetes …1 in 4 US residents aged 65 and older have diabetes.


      At Assure we have made it our mission to keep our clients healthy and out of the hospital.


      Nearly 1 in 5 people with pneumonia make costly, stressful return trips to the hospital within the first 30 days


      Home healthcare agencies will assess your loved one’s specific health care needs and propose a health care plan

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