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Assures @HomeCore Solutions™ Disease Management Clinical Pathways utilizes clinically proven methods to educate patients with chronic illnesses and their families on the key aspects of the disease process and condition. Assures Clinical team actively engages with a patient with chronic illness through regular in-home visits and phone calls to make sure the individual takes their medicine and understands why it’s so important to do so. Our clinical team members are specially trained to look for and communicate key changes in symptoms to stay ahead of any potentially dangerous changes in an individual’s condition. Empowering the patient on how to monitor symptoms, adherence to the plan of care, medication importance, self-management to improve wellness and stay healthy. We utilize the most current evidence-based protocols to develop clinical procedures and patient education for each of Assures chronic care programs, including CHF, COPD, AMI, Diabetes, and Pneumonia. Under the Disease Management umbrella, we currently support 23 diseases using the best practice of  VNA Clinical Pathway protocols.

“The primary focus is to improve the wellness of individuals with chronic conditions and to ensure they understand the early signs of decline and when to alert the healthcare team promptly, said Mrs. Palonpon – Director of Clinical and Professional Service”


    Nearly 20 million Americans live with diabetes …1 in 4 US residents aged 65 and older have diabetes.


    At Assure we have made it our mission to keep our clients healthy and out of the hospital.


    Nearly 1 in 5 people with pneumonia make costly, stressful return trips to the hospital within the first 30 days


    24 million Americans have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


    Home healthcare agencies will assess your loved one’s specific health care needs and propose a health care plan