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Approximately 100 million Americans suffer from one or more chronic illnesses such as congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Such conditions account for more than 75 percent of annual healthcare costs nationally. By using in-home telemonitoring, healthcare providers can more effectively manage patient health, preventing exacerbations and complications which may lead to rehospitalizations and emergency room visits, especially among patients living with chronic illnesses.  Mobile-based telemonitoring interventions allow clinicians to gather data from patients remotely, be it at home or elsewhere. We can gather data from them and provide clinical feedback after analyzing it, and then take action. By using the vital signs, we can anticipate exacerbations and react to them. For instance, we can invite patients to come to the ED before anything that may jeopardize their lives occurs. In this way, you can avoid mortalities and hospital admissions/readmissions.

The main objective of our @HomeCore Solutions Telemonitoring program is to intervene with proven interventions to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions while Promoting Positive Outcomes by providing daily monitoring between nursing and doctors visit while giving family members a peace of mind knowing that our Clinical Management team are monitoring their loved ones health 24/7. Our @HomeCore Solutions™ Telemonitoring Program provides patients with discreet in-home monitors allowing them to monitor their own vital signs – such as pulse, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, or blood oxygen levels-daily, as specified by their physician. If the readings fall outside a range prescribed by the physician, a patient’s Case Manager Nurse is alerted, so appropriate action can be taken under the direction of the PCP if required. A patient’s data can also be made available to nursing staff or to the physician via a secure website ensuring HIPPA Compliance guideline adherence.

What Is In-Home Telemonitoring?

In-home TeleHealth is the use of telecommunications data information gathering technology to provide healthcare monitoring to patients in the privacy of their own homes. TeleMonitoring can help prevent a symptom from becoming a trip to the hospital. Our @HomeCore Solutions™ TeleMonitoring Program is a fast, simple way for us to keep an eye on your vital signs and symptoms every day.

That means we can catch an early warning sign, such as a sudden rise in blood pressure, and treat it before it becomes a bigger problem. It also gives your physician information that is important for your ongoing care. TeleMonitoring allows us to check your blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose level, oxygen levels, and weight, health status. It lets you take your own vital signs with ease, and sends them to us over your phone line with the push of a button.

Our Patients Say it Best...

Our patients have experienced the benefits of our in-home telemonitoring technology and here’s what they’re saying:

“My health before I had a Telehealth monitor was very unstable.”
“My nurse taught me everything I needed to know about Telehealth in the first thirty minutes, from there,  I was off and running.”
“Before I had Telehealth, there was only a certain amount of improvement in my health before I ran up against a wall.”
“Home Telehealth has made a difference in my life.”

Are you frequently seeing your primary care physician or a variety of specialists? Have you recently been admitted to the hospital or rushed to the emergency room? If you answered yes, Assure Home Healthcare @HomeCore Solutions™ Telemonitoring Program may be just the solution you’re looking for, asking your physician during your next visit could make a difference for you or your loved ones.

Our @HomeCore Solutions™ Telemonitoring Program won’t cost you anything as a Medicare beneficiary, it as part of our home care services.

What Can In-Home Telemonitoring Do?

In-home Telemonitoring is not intended to eliminate in-home nursing visits; however, they will help decrease the frequency of unnecessary emergency visits while maximizing the effectiveness of time spent in a patient’s home. Telemonitoring allows us to:

• Collect vital patient data and transmit it to nurses and physicians daily for review
•  Customized series of evaluative health-related questions tailored to meet our patients’ unique needs
• Increase our response to patient needs as they occur
• Provide patients with the right care, in the right place, at the right time

Connecting You and Your Health Care Team

In-home telemonitoring use is a simple system to link from your home directly to your clinical management team at Assure. The objective is to allow you to have confidence and improve your ability to stay independent, while knowing your health status is being monitored, between visits, using the latest technology.

What Are the Benefits?

In-home telemonitoring provides patients and physicians with these benefits:

• Improved self-management skills for patients living with chronic illnesses
• Improved quality of life due to reduced hospital and emergency room visits
• Increased patient independence and self-esteem
• Increased patient satisfaction and compliance with health care regimens

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Helps to manage your health by using an interactive system each day, in your home, to monitor your vital signs and symptoms, and take your daily Health Check. A monitoring device uses a clear, friendly voice to walk you through a daily Health Check, which takes only minutes in the privacy of your HOME.

2. Your daily health information  (including blood pressure, pulse, weight and glucose levels) is automatically sent securely over your phone line or the system’s cellular modem to your Case Manager who provides care coordination in less than 30 seconds.

3. Assure Home Healthcare is able to review your health information and follow up appropriately if you require a change in medication or treatment plan.